I think brains are cool.

Consider that for a second.

After millions of years, evolution has finally come up with something that can appreciate all its hard work. Patterns of electrical current flowing through the adapting networks of squidgey white and grey matter, all contained in  about a litre of skull volume, decided it was cool.

My name is Barney Low, and I’m a medical student at UCL doing an integrated BSc in Medical Physics and Bioengineering doctor, qualifying from UCL as of July 2016. As part of preclinical medical training, I studied neuroscience along with my compatriots and made friends with some fairly wise people who share my passion for understanding brains and the minds they precipitate.

In this blog, I hope to share my ruminations about consciousness, a field that has been approached with due caution by the scientific community, and left, to a large extent, for the philosophers to play with. This is starting to change, with fMRIs, MEGs, and a whole assortment of the other investigative technologies and techniques entering the foray. I will be drawing on lectures, books, articles and conversations I’ve had with various neuroscientists, to try and provide accessible and interesting summaries of modern science’s explanations of how our brains produce the consciousness we all experience.


Because brains are cool.

Barney Low


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